DIF-Day 2020 : VIP@DIF

Parisian labs, using the fruit fly as a research model, have a long tradition (more than 25 years) of monthly meeting in so call Drosoph’Ile de France (DIF) meetings. In addition, since 2012, an annual symposium (DIF-Day) is organized to allow even more people to attend this meeting. In parallel, labs working on the C. elegans worm organize Ver In Paris (VIP) meetings. For the first time this year, we decided to organize a joint symposium that will gather researcher from both communities. It aims to promote scientific exchanges between the research groups in Ile-de-France working on at least one of this model organism. This 1st joint meeting will be held on the 18th June at the Jacques Monod Institute (IJM). Traditionally this meeting has no registration fees to allow every researcher, at any stage of their career (undergraduate students, PhD students, as well as post-doctoral and senior researchers) to attend.

Access map to IJM

Organizing committee DIF-Day 2020 – VIP@DIF :
Isabelle BECAM
Benjamin BOUMARD
Clément CARRE
Nicolas JOLY
Gilliane MATON

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