DIF-Day 2019

The DIF-Day is an annual symposium that gathers research groups (25-30 laboratories) from the Ile-de-France region that use the fruit fly as a research model. We hold monthly DIF seminars in the Campus of UPMC and we conclude the academic year in June with an entire day-mini symposium called DIF-Day where around 12 speakers of the Ile-de-France community will present their work. Our meeting is crucial to strengthen the links between Drosophila researchers of the regional community and allow us to share scientific results and technical advances. The previous DIF-Days were a great success by gathering together more than 100 participants at any stage of their career (undergraduate students, PhD students, as well as post-doctoral and senior researchers). This year, the 6th DIF-Day will be held on the 13th June at the ICM in Paris. Traditionally this meeting has no registration fees to allow every researcher to attend.


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